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Opening up a Mars Protocol user interface

April 30, 2022

There is an idea buried at the heart of Mars Protocol: the future of finance and the web itself is open, verifiable and decentralized.

In that spirit, Mars Protocol builders opened up a complete set of files and images for a modified Mars web application/user interface (UI) moments ago.

Released under a special license, any human or droid can now download the modified Mars UI files and deploy them at will to host their own front-end that interacts with Mars’ smart contracts.

Specifically, users can:

  • Host the files publicly and give others access to the same functionality offered on
  • Run the files locally to easily interact with Mars’ smart contracts.
  • Examine Mars’ frontend code to learn how it functions and/or assess any potential security risks.

This UI release has been modified to differentiate it from the design at With the new theme, designers paid homage to’s retro UI — perhaps the most recognizable in all of DeFi.

A screenshot of the Red Bank from Mars Protocol’s source-available UI inspired by Curve Finance.
The Red Bank before a user has connected his/her wallet.
My Station before a user has connected his/her wallet.
My Station after a user has connected his/her wallet.
The Fields of Mars UI.

All files are source-available with a limited license to use with the Mars smart contract system. Per the license, the UI files can’t be used to:

  • Defraud or frontrun end users
  • Interact with smart contracts other than the Mars Protocol mainnet or testnet contracts
  • Launch modified or derivative web applications

If the UI at is ever abandoned, the license will revert to the GNU General Public License v3, allowing anyone in the galaxy to pick up the torch.

The modified Mars UI files and full license are available in the github repository at

Mars builders believe the future is decentralized. That requires radical transparency and the widespread distribution of code. Today’s release is a giant step in that direction and helps ensure Mars will always be free and accessible to all.


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This article does not constitute investment advice. Before interacting with Mars, review the project disclaimers here.

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